Trench Coat Draped Over a Wooden Chair

Trench Coat Draped Over a Wooden Chair


A still life piece portraying a duster-style trench coat draped over a wooden chair, flanked by a pair of sleek black leather boots and a duffle bag. The scene is set in a vacant room, with only a narrow ray of sunlight illuminating the space.


This is a personal reflection on the mental state of mass shooters prior to their crimes. I wanted to explore the fleeting hope that often drives these people to commit violent acts, as well as the intense emotions and chaotic thoughts that can consume them during this time. The duster-style trench coat, sleek black leather boots, and duffle bag conjure associations with the stereotypical attire of mass shooters.  A sense of loneliness and dread is evoked by the empty room and the sparsely lighted window, alluding to the secretive and solitary process of plotting such deadly crimes. The still-life arrangement asks spectators to consider the meaning and consequences of these items in light of recent acts of mass murder and societal terror.

 I experimented with dull colors and fragmented brushstrokes to convey this, creating a sense of tension and instability that reflects the inner turmoil felt by these individuals. The use of light and shadow creates a subtle sense of depth and complexity and alludes to the complex motivations and societal factors that contribute to these events.

 Ultimately, my intention with this piece was to provide a commentary on the psychological impact of violence and to challenge viewers to think about the complex issues that underpin mass shootings. I hope to inspire reflection and dialogue on this important topic by providing a visual representation of these issues.

Project Type

Academic, Digital Painting



Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop on an iPad



Process Work