A woman is bathing in a milky pink liquid, surrounded by bottles of Soylent (A soy based meal replacement).


The painting "Soymaxxing" explores the complex relationship between self-care, consumer culture, and escapism. Through the image of a person bathing in a milky pink liquid, surrounded by bottles of Soylent (a soy-based meal replacement), the painting critiques the stereotype of the "soyboy" as a weak or emasculated figure who uses soy-based products and media as a means of avoiding reality.

However, the painting also challenges this stereotype by presenting the figure in the bath as a self-aware individual who is engaging in a deliberate act of self-care. The milky pink liquid symbolizes the fantasy world that many people turn to as a form of escapism, while the bottles of Soylent represent the commodification of self-care as a consumer product.

As an artist, I am interested in exploring the ways in which popular culture and media can both reflect and shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Through "Soymaxxing," I aim to encourage viewers to reflect on their own relationships with escapism and consumer culture, and to consider the ways in which they might be using soy-based products or other forms of media as a means of avoiding their problems. I believe that art has the power to challenge our assumptions and to encourage us to think more critically about the world we live in. Through my work, I hope to inspire viewers to embrace their own vulnerabilities and to seek out more meaningful forms of self-care and engagement with the world.

Project Type

Academic, Digital Painting



Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop on an iPad



Exhibitions and Publications

May 2023

"Student Exhibition," College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan, May 12 - May 26 2023

Process Work