KingCobraJFS Portrait

KingCobraJFS Portrait

Who is KingCobraJFS?

Josh Saunders, who is more commonly known by his online persona, "KingCobraJFS," also referred to as "Cobes," is a multi-talented individual who describes himself as a "sexy goth bad boy." He has gained notoriety as a YouTuber, streamer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, wand maker, and dark wizard. 

Despite being relatively unknown in the past, Saunders has experienced a gradual rise to "mild" internet fame through his amateur music and YouTube content, while also struggling with personal issues such as alcoholism, drug use, and deteriorating mental health. 

KingCobraJFS Youtube channel


Josh sits on an armchair, adjacent to his computer screen and is surrounded by trash and empty alcohol bottles.


 A portrait portraying Josh, an individual who is confined within the walls of his apartment. I hope to depict the harsh reality of his situation in this work, in which he is constantly bombarded with negative stimuli that serve as a constant reminder of his isolation.

 I used a variety of visual elements in this portrait to emphasize the sense of confinement and isolation. The use of darker tones and a limited color palette conveys a sense of bleakness and hopelessness while depicting Josh in a small, cramped space reinforces the sense of being trapped.

 Furthermore, the various elements that surround Josh in the portrait serve to emphasize the negative stimuli that surround him. Objects representing addiction and depression, such as bottles and pills, are examples, as are visual cues indicating a lack of cleanliness and hygiene.

 Ultimately, this portrait reflects the difficulties that people who are confined to their living spaces face, as well as the negative impact that such a situation can have on one's mental and emotional well-being.

Project Type

Academic, Digital Painting



Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop on iPad



Process Work