Christ Chan

Who is Chris-Chan?

Chris-Chan, real name Christine Weston Chandler, is a Virginia-based internet personality and artist. They gained notoriety online for their creation of the webcomic series "Sonichu," which features a hybrid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu as the main character. Chris-Chan became a source of controversy and online scrutiny as a result of their behavior, which included several public meltdowns, erratic behavior, and controversial statements about race, gender, and sexuality. They have also been involved in legal disputes, including charges of indecent exposure and trespassing. Chris-Chan's life and behavior have been extensively documented on various online platforms, and they have long piqued the interest and concern of internet communities.

Chris Chan was arrested and charged with incest on August 1st, 2021 after allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a family member with an intellectual disability. The incident was widely reported online, causing considerable controversy and outrage. Chris Chan was arrested and taken to the Central Virginia Regional Jail, where they remained as of the most recent public update. The case is still ongoing, and Chris Chan has yet to face the charges. The incident has sparked widespread debate about issues such as consent, exploitation, and the responsibility of online communities to intervene in situations where individuals may be endangered.


The story of Christine Weston Chandler (Chris Chan) is one filled with despair and sadness. I have followed her since 2015, when her presents on the internet was relatively 'unknown'. She has become known due to the horrible crimes she committed in Augusts of 2021. The purpose of this painting was not to depict her in a good light, but instead, it is meant to highlight the absurdity and the juxtaposition between her saintly views of herself, and the horrendous crimes she has committed.

Project Type

Academic, Traditional Painting



Tools Used

Acrylic paint on illustration board



Exhibitions and Publications

September 2022

"Exhibizone Grand Prize (Digital)," Exhibizone, September 15 - November 15 2022


August 2022

Artistonish, Issue #25, Page 82, Christ Chan, Artwork description: Christine Weston Chandler is posed in a religious symbolic way. she is clasping her sonichu medallion while holding a marker.


May 2022

"Student Exhibition," College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan, May 12 - May 26 2022

Process Work