The Plant Boy


The Plant Boy .mov

Short Film

The Plant Boy

Film Synopsis

The Plant Boy is a short film about a botanist who closes himself off from the outside world to create a medicine to cure his sickness. The medicine will come from a plant named Pluto, which symbolizes the relationship between a child and an absent/abusive father.

Poster Design

I was asked to create a dynamic and eye-catching poster design for The Plant Boy. The poster features the leading actor from the film and includes all necessary information such as the title and credits. The design effectively captures the tone and style of the film, while also highlighting its key selling points. 

How This Experience Helps Me  

My work as a makeup artist in "The Plant Boy"  has taught me valuable skills that are relevant to my goal of becoming an artist. Specifically, I have learned how to collaborate with directors and actors to bring a character to life, using makeup and prosthetics to transform their appearance and body language and facial expressions to convey emotion.

This experience has reinforced for me the importance of paying attention to detail in the precise application of cosmetics. As an artist, I apply the same level of detail to my own work, whether I'm painting or sculpting.

Overall, working as a makeup/SFX artist has greatly aided my artistic development. I feel confident that the knowledge and abilities I've gained from this work will be useful in a variety of creative endeavors, and I'm excited to explore new opportunities to collaborate with others and bring new ideas to life.

Director Information

Directed by Ryan Mitchell and Dylan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell's Portfolio

Project Type

Poster - Commissioned, Digital Painting

Short film - Personal


Illustrator, Make-up and SFX artist

Tools Used

Poster - Adobe Photoshop on an iPad

Short Film - Liquid Latex, theatrical make-up, ect.



Exhibitions and Publications

June 2023

"CCS Senior Showcase," Avant Garden, Detroit, Michigan, June 9th - June 10th 2023

An exhibition produced and curated by former CCS students Jaclyn Iskow and Adrienne Willis to showcase and support the works of alumni and recent CCS graduates.


Process Work (Poster)